Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New York, New York!

Okay, I am finally getting around to posting about our lovely voyage to the Big Apple. With only 3-4 days to explore such a vast city (for the very first time for both of us), we had to set some priorities. Considering the shared predispositions of the Cox and von Gohren family, two main objectives began to emerge:

1. Eat well.
2. Hear live music.

And did we ever! Follow the link below:

New York Slideshow


the poet said...

Ok, so my analysis is that the trip was somewhere between 1) you and Karl took and bite out of the Big Apple, and 2) you came, you saw, you conquered... or some thing like that. Nice pictures, really capturing a fast few days in a very cool city.

abbey said...

Yup, one BIG JUICY bite!

vanessa said...

Ab, your pictures are awesome! I dare not enter the fray of your more recent debates, but I read you faithfully. Hope everything's going well for you and that you're gearing up for FRANCE!

abbey said...

I don't know about FRAY. More like, the frayed ends of my thoughts.

Glad you liked the pictures!

I report for duty (just and informational meeting, really) in France on 14 Sept. We'll have a good week or so to get settled in beforehand. Then the semester actually starts 25 Sept. We'll already have our first set of visiting American friends come gallivanting through by then - should be a wild year! We've got our tickets. (Yay!)

When can we hang OUT, hon?