Sunday, June 11, 2006

Cabin Days...

This weekend, Christa and Tim hosted us at their beautiful family cabin on Lake Wissota. Apparently this lake is referenced in the movie Titanic (though I make it a point of pride never to have seen this film) by the Leonardo Dicaprio character, who claims to have ice fished with his grandfather on this lake wheh he was a little boy. There's only one problem.

Lake Wissota didn't exist at the time of the Titanic. It is a manmade lake, constructed in 1917, 5 years after the ship went down. This is duly noted the highly-authoritative Wikipedia, but even more importantly, told to me with great ardor by my new cousin Tim.

Despite these historical discrepancies, the lake was quite real and quite chilly, as the boys (and a few girls from time to time) braved the waves. Tim and Karl became quite adept at switching inner tubes mid-ride, making for some awkward yet triumphant moments.....

It was summer at its best...cold beers in the late afternoon sun, taking the motor boat to the roadside stand for cheese curds and root beer floats, women circlin' up for a rollicking night of cards while the guys did...something...with....guns Good things.

The elegant Mrs. Thaler

Natalie and Hayden (right),
the youngest crew member

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