Thursday, May 11, 2006


We went for a walk last night. The sun was going down, but the moon was already so bright, you could hardly look at it. A paper-punch hole (not quite perfectly round) with piercing white-light blazing through. On the other side of the sky, all sorts of crazy colors, which interacted with Lake Hiawatha, slipping around in oily dips of light. Yes, the sky - there was this patch of orange that looked so enormous, it could have been a continent. I don't think I've ever seen that color anywhere else before and may never again. Karl said, I've been starved for this kind of thing for a while. I understood perfectly but didn't say much. He said, what's Paris like? Does it have this or that, green spaces or lakes? What's it like when you get further out? Where do the musicians live? (Laughed heartily at that.) He thinks I know everything about that city. I guess I have a few more images in my mind than he, but it is so vast, unpredictable and wild. So, I hesitate to respond fully. We will discover it together, I say.

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Sounds like a sound plan.