Monday, May 29, 2006

Abbey's New Health Club Membership

My health club membership costs me anywhere from $30-$45 every year or so. My fees were due yesterday. The facilities are quite nice, as you'll see from the photos below:

Oh, and they throw in access to the exercise room for free:

Okay, yeah. I'm too cheap for a REAL gym. But a pair of sweet new Sauconys plus the open road outside my door, that'll do me just fine.

Of course, it isn't cool and crisp right now, as this photo of dear Minnehaha Trail would suggest. My grand retour to running has been nothing but hot and muggy, so much so that I feel like throwing on a pair of goggles and a swim cap and swimming through the air. Still, I somehow prefer it to a treadmill. Call me crazy.


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More postings please...We need to know what is going on.