Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Birthday! Cubed!

Yes, Abbey is twenty-seven years old today. That's three to the third power, or cubed. It's hip to be square. I'm the same number as a rubik's cube! Sweet.

Yesterday was awfully busy. Slept in...quick church...whew...pack a lunch, we've got a wedding to go to (by the way, there's a work meeting, too)...should we hang out with the cousins, weren't Sundays a day of rest in some bygone religious tradition?

They say that literal Sabbath rest is a symbol and shadow of the spiritual rest in Christ. If I rigorously apply myself to observing the literal, does this magnify or nullify the spiritual? Still, practically speaking, we all need rest. I guess this could take different forms, but rushing from one event to the next seems intrinsically imcompatible with any sort of "down time" No wonder we all complain about "needing a vacation" so often. If we had a proper weekly vacation, we might last a little longer. We might even get a longer life span out of the deal. I wonder if anyone's done a study on that...a Sabbath study.

Keeping the Lord's day. A fountain of youth. Something to think about as I turn a year older.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday you old lady...Ha :)

abbey said...

Thanks LOL!

(who ARE you?)