Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wait, which box did I pack my brain in...?

I have a confession to make. I haven't made time to sit down and write in about five or six days. We moved all of our possessions on our fifth-year wedding anniversary, the last day of July, into a one-bedroom apartment on the south side of Loring Park. The boxes were up around our ears for a few days, and the only thing that seemed important was getting things where they belonged. *Sigh* This is not true, but it felt true because it's close to the truth.

Thus, I've neglected some of the daily joys like writing and running and baking and reading. But they are slowly creeping in again, gaining ground. At least it coincided with summer vacation, so I didn't feel quite so guilty.

But I actually began this post to announce the hopeful fact that I am jumping back into it, beginning this morning. Here's to many mornings to follow (I'm raising my coffee mug) - chin chin!


Anonymous said...

For every thing there is a season...and getting settled is a season. Really! Hoping you get some photos posted of the new digs for the benefit of all your friends who live too far to visit in person (or who are daunted by the kazillion number of stair steps up from the street to your wonderful airie above Loring Park). Been reading George Macdonald on Truth lately. there is a difference between truth(belief of a living soul) and fact(an inanimate certainty) Fact is you need an organized place from which to conduct life; truth is you love the Lord and loath spending time doing non-people centered activities that keep you from sharing Him??? Mom-2

Tracy in Japan said...

I'm looking forward to pictures and also an update on what you guys are doing with your time this summer. Has Karl had any gigs? When does school start for you? Are you moved in? Is it weird to live with just the two of you again? We will miss you so much when we head back to Paris mid-september.

Gabby Huerta said...

I went on an "exploratory" run of the neighborhood the other day. I think you would be proud of my measly two miles.

Abbey von Gohren said...

Way to go, Gabs! I've been a real slouch about the running since I last posed. : P