Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just Starting Up

Week One of No-Spend Month. We spent $23 on household items and food (toilet paper, peanut butter, flour, bananas, coffee) over the course of the week, and $27 out for drinks and music on the last night, for a total of $50. Among the lessons learned. Homemade coffee smoothies taste good when you're craving ice cream. Leftovers can be reworked so as not to seem repetitive. We have a lot of friends and family that like to invite us out and over. Cheap chicken is not worth it. Taking a long walk with a packed dinner is very satisfying. Martinis are unduly expensive. God is taking care of us.

In other news, some career decisions. Something that we carried away from our life in Paris was a growing realization that Karl is meant to be in music. No surprise there, you will say. He's a piano player, he always has been. We all went to his shows "back in the day," cheered him on. Still, he's always held down that other job, just in case. And I loved him for it. We were able to pay the rent, pay for groceries, line our pockets with little luxuries...wait, what?

Hm. Maybe there's something more important than that last one. More and more, it seems somehow right that he fully take up the responsibilities he has towards the musical gifts that God has given him, and by fully, I mean full-time. So, I guess you could say we are in a start-up, in the interest of being genuine to our callings. It's kind of like moving abroad...casting off all we know and depend on for security, and putting our faith in a loving and sovereign God. Those of you who pray, please do. We need bands, gigs, and piano students to make it work.

Things are starting to happen, signposts that seem to be telling us we're heading in the right direction. Some funky guys writing music on the south side. A house band for a new club in the western suburbs. (More details to follow.) And the martini night may have been expensive, but it re-united us with one of his former bands, and all of those excellent players. Think of that glass of gin balancing in my hand as an investment in our future. Sure, why not. At any rate, we are training our minds and hearts to say: "If the Lord wills, we will do this or that." If He doesn't, we won't. Either way, it's going to be a great adventure.

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Henry said...

Oh, do I love an adventure. For my view, I think you are on the right track. God loves us to use the gifts He has given us. It brings Him endless glory and brings us a deep and abiding joy. Forward Ho! I'm praying, and others too I'm sure. God's speed and grace along the way. Love, Dad