Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Release of Fledgling Song

I am overjoyed to announce the official release of my novella, Fledgling Song (2013, Electio Publishing).

Fledgling Song traces the thought life and wanderings of Claire Sivert, a young Canadian woman living and studying biology in France. Caught between the wilderness landscapes of her native Manitoba and the winter-gray cityscapes of Paris, she struggles to find a firm footing. Besides yearning for a sense of place, she is also caught between two eras of her life. Painfully vivid memories from her childhood and tentative hopes rooted in the present intermingle as she moves through her days and records her musings in her faithful journal. Full of wonder and yet delicately unsure of herself, Claire learns through several encounters with new friends how to be bold and face her past and present, however imperfect.

A perfect end-of-summer read! 

Available at electiopublishing.com in paperback and ebook and amazon.com


Viator said...

Just completed reading it--in my garden, accompanied by birdsong, appropriately enough.

So lovely! Can't wait to shower you with questions over dinner.

Abbey von Gohren said...

So glad you both have enjoyed my little book. : ) Thank you for celebrating life together with us.