Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Spider and the Rosebush

I am sitting in the early morning haze of our garden in Gentilly. You can tell from the still, damp air that the heat will be stifling later, but my spot is still cool with shady blues. In this calm, my mind starts to flit over the past few years, and all that God has given us to serve our joy and His glory.

There is an exquisite spider web to my right, bravely slung across a vast opening between the stone wall and the hedge beneath. Every once in a while, half a head of fragrant white rose petals comes tumbling ripe from its perch in the bushes above. Every time, I wonder if the fine threads of the web will escape the incoming avalanche. So far, so good.

We came to this country nearly three years ago with all the determination of the spider that wove this little marvel. We, too, cast out threads and - perhaps somewhat to our surprise - found our haven anchored to firm foundations. Certainly, we had imagined it would be more ephemeral than this - a sort of net for catching a few delicious days as they flew by, temporary and lovely.* But then it lasted. And lasted.

Now it comes to an end, it seems. There are gigantic blossoms looming over our heads, threatening to topple and tear us away from a home we learned to weave. This is a bittersweet season, in which greater joys come to destroy our makeshift designs with their magnificence. But somehow, crushed by the beauty, I think we won't mind.

Onto the next adventure, where we will cast thin strands about in another spot in the garden. For now we rest thankful, buried in the weighty remembrance of heady roses that once floated past. This is the lifelong fling.


* "A a net for catching days."Annie Dillard, The Writing Life


Mel Arroz said...

May 2009 is flying by and the roses are beginning to bloom here in Idaho!

Memorial Day 2009 is almost history, but the sacrifices of so many will not be forgotten.

Rejoicing in His daily blessings & grace with you & yours on the Journey....


Robbie said...

I can't help thinking of Charlotte, energetically and purposefully spinning and weaving, weaving and spinning...expending her energy and life for one she loved. "Except a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit." Jn. 12:24
Out of every little death, the Lord brings much life!

Henry said...

I love this post as I have loved so many of your posts, and as I have loved you, my daughter. Yes, it is a lifelong fling, a dizzying, glorious display. And you both will continue to weave a beautiful fabric of your days. To life! To Him who is the breath of life! And love and all things beautiful and pure. Thank you for letting us share in the quiet reverie of your garden that morning. Love, Dad

Sasha said...

Love this! And Annie Dillard too. I'm meandering through "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" still--what good little nuggets. We're in Atlanta now and gathering up our nets for the toss and spin. Enjoying the weather, the pool, the greenery.
Love you guys, miss you!