Thursday, April 16, 2009

Less than two months.

If you had just under two months in Paris, what would you do?

  1. Go a final time to the Fleche d'Or, our favorite train-station-turned-rock-club in the 19th arrondissment, before it closes at the end of the month.

  2. Run all of the bridges in Paris (there are 33 with pedestrian access) in one day.

  3. See the exhibition of William Blake's work at the Petit Palais. *

  4. Perform music in the streets. *

  5. Buy a summer-weight scarf. And a fine hat.

  6. Grab one more bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup, Pho, at our favorite noodle joint in our old Chinatown neighborhood.

  7. Buy the new, exquisite edition of a medieval classic, hot off the press with a preface by my prof at the Sorbonne. *

  8. Visit the Musee de Cluny (Middle Ages museum) one last time, and get photos of the medieval gardens.

  9. Peruse the stacks at the oldest public library in Paris, the Bibliotheque Mazarine.

  10. Go to one uppity jazz club, New Morning or Duc des Lombards

  11. Another bike trip in the countryside.

  12. Sip espresso and write stories in cafes like it's going out of style. *

  13. Eat enough French bread, wine, and cheese to hold me for a while. *

  14. Get brave enough to try on “skinny jeans.”

  15. Picnic on the Pont-des-Arts.

  16. Go to Scotland for family, islands, biking, and, well, scotch.

  17. Italy.

  18. Make the rounds to thank our cheese guy Michel, our fruit and veg sellers, the coffee-roasting couple, and numerous other everyday friends.

  19. Eat macarons from Laduree, which to my own shame I have never done.

  20. Say au revoir, which means goodbye, but literally says “till the seeing again.”

* recently experienced, but subject to subsequent repetition.

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Joyfulartist said...

You must eat macaroons from Laudre! Paris Breakfast blog waxes ecstatically about them all the time. I've only had the version from French bakeries in the US and would love to know how they compare with the real thing.
See you in the summer...
L, J