Wednesday, June 25, 2008


With all European eyes glued to their "tellies", thanks to tennis or le foot, some conflict of opinion has arisen as to the rights of pigeons under English law. Animal activists are a funny breed. Why anyone would get their tennis skirt in a bunch about knocking off a few disease-ridden flying rodents overnight at Wimbledon is beyond me. First have a gander at the full story here:

Wimbledon Breaking Law by Killing Pigeons

My favorite part of the story is the last line: "The club also took action on Sunday to eradicate a swarm of bees. They too were seen as a threat to players' welfare." There seems to be a gaping lack of logic here. If you're going to protest, make a scene about the bees. Bees make flowers beautiful and sweet honey for our mouths. Pigeons....spread 40 some diseases to humans and leave their destructive droppings on everything. As a kid, I used to think they were cute - the funny way they walked and the odd little noises that they make.

Then I moved to Paris.

Pigeon Blues

Everywhere i look I see them
Everywhere I go I hear them flap and coo
And their poo, it's everywhere too.
Don't give them one crumb to eat
They'll bring their friends from down the street.
Coo-coo. Coo-ka-tchoo.

When I find a place to sit down
When I finally find a bench to rest and muse
It's no use, they come peruse
The ground at my feet for bread,
Until they peck at me instead,
Oh, coo. Coo-ka-tchoo.

Hard to know if they're just stupid
Hard to know what's really goin' on behind
Those bobbing heads, those beady eyes.
But all they think about is stuffing
Bellies full with all but nothing.
Pee-yoo. Coo-ka-poo.

A little juvenile, perhaps, but I guess I too am an animal activist of sorts after all. I don't like pigeons, and this is my anti-pigeon song. PETA, eat your heart out. And maybe some pigeons while you're at it. (You'd be in good company.)


Christa said...

Here, here Abbey.

Once while walking down a high street in England, Tim tried to step on a pigeon that was walking in front of us. He missed of course and it flew away. But we were still yelled at by a pigeon lover.

Robbie/Mom said...

Pigeons! Paris equivalent of Canadian geese!

Anonymous said...

I think they keep them under control in some US cities by introducing hawks or falcons. Surely the animal lovers wouldn't mind a natural selection solution.