Saturday, May 24, 2008

Good Times

I have been so preoccupied tying up the loose ends of the school year and making plans for the next, that it has been impossible to sit down and be contemplative enough to update the blog. However, I would like to share a few photos from the terrific times that we recently had with my Mom and my brother Seth. They were recently in town for three weeks, and we lived it up!

Seth is amazed by Foucault's Pendulum.

Mom and Seth trying to be saintly in the Cluny, the museum of the Middle Ages.

Seth showing off his karate in the Arenes de Lutece, where Roman gladiators also used to fight. I doubt they had moves as cool as my bro.

Seth and Karl descend apprehensively into the Catacombs. It looks as if Seth has caught a glimpse of the first skeleton...of hundreds of thousands to come!!!

Mom (Robbie) looks cute and Parisian as we indulge in our favorite pastime - sitting at cafes.

Our other favorite pastime - making dinners. Here, we are drying homemade pasta on our clothes-drying rack!

Picnic in the Jardin des Plantes. Abbey and Seth discover a new favorite: "bean bean" salad. Later, we explored the Marie Curie Museum. Fantastic tour, and Mom got her picture taken next to Madame's lab coat. We even got exposed to radioactivity, which was especially exciting.

We even took a train out to Giverny on the nicest day of the year, which yielded long lines and hot sun, but also lovely flowers, and a delicious lunch.

Miss you guys, and can't wait to have some more good times!

Love Ab and Karl


Anonymous said...

Oh, we miss you, too! It makes me homesick for both of you, and for dear Paris, to see our photos. Less than two months before we are together again...can't wait.
Love you and Karl so much,

Anonymous said...

Well, Mom and Seth looked a bit "glowing" when they returned home. Was that the radioactivity or the wonderful love of Karl and Abbey? I'm guessing the love part. Love Dad