Sunday, November 04, 2007


Ah. Settling into my sunlit apartment, freshly-brewed cup of coffee steaming next to me, and a thick slice of grainy, chewy bread smothered in blue cheese so fine it tastes like candy. It is Sunday, a fine morning to finally update the blog. I think I'll...

My eyes fall on uncorrected homework and unfinished lesson plans. Dishes. Paperwork. Errands. Books to read before the semester's up. Things come in piles these days.

All that to say, I'll be taking about a three week hiatus from lifelong fling. Recreational writing is taking a back burner for a season. But don't worry - things will still be simmering. See you at the beginning of December.

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Mel Arroz said...

Greetings from Idaho!

Glad to see you continue with your updates. I came across this:

and naturally thought you two. :-)

Enjoy the fall colors!