Thursday, July 05, 2007

"You'd think it was a shipwreck!"

Our usually calm apartment has been something like the opening scene of one of my favorite children's books, The Winter Bear. As three children are prepare to leave the house for a walk, they throw out demands right and left...along with some clothing items.

"Where's my boot?"
"Where's my sweater?"
"I don't need a hat."
"Oh yes, you do!"
What a to-do.
You'd think it was a shipwreck.

After their bout of packing frenzy, Karl and Abbey are off to various exotic lands. Our travels may or may not include trooping in the occasional cybercafe, but we're signing off from regular blogging for a spell. We'll return in a month or so from Southwest France, Morocco, and maybe a few other places...with plenty of stories to tell.

By the way, "various exotic lands" includes our home turf of Minnesota, where we'll be staying from August 18-September 9, so drop us a note if you'd like to hang out. We're about ready to spend some muggy Minnesota nights, days at the lake, tasty barbecues, and Twins games with our dear ones. To all of our friends that go way back, and family that are our best friends....a bientot!

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