Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lazy, hazy, crazy days of...winter?!

The last few months of 2006 for us were filled with everyday wonder, heart-breaking complexities, innumerable and memorable new sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and an assurance underneath it all that there is a God who gives us the very best for each day, be it aventure or m├ęsaventure. This conviction does not come...let's say naturally. However, little by little, we are learning to return to this truth when things do not go our way. This is our "lifelong fling", throwing caution to the winds and waves that obey Him alone. "How we've proved him 'o'er and o'er!" And when we do, we are met with the undeniable truth that His goodness extends way beyond what we can ask or imagine....or write.

Still, I think I'll keep tryin'.

The stretch between Christmas and New Years' is something of a lazy blur. We vaguely remember cold winds, interspersed with warm houses, which were filled with happy people, good dinners, and music made and enjoyed. Also, somewhat recall getting caught in a few rainfalls, slipping around on a crowded ice skating rink, chilly gothic churches with achingly-beautiful music, a few late nights catching the metro, and sleeping a little more than usual. In short, our days have been unmarked by routine as the grey sky itself. Yes, apparently, even the sun went away on holiday for a while. I must say, this is a welcome respite after the whirlwind exhaustion of new job, new bands, new city, new country, new church, new friends...new pretty-much-everything. Perhaps we were too preoccupied with either pressing task or pressing pleasure to stop and take a deep breath.

In....out. Ah.

Okay. I'm all set. Now what's next?

As for the man of the house, he's about to take his keyboard a-giggin' for the first few times. I should mention that he did bring his instrument to the New Years' fete at our friends' house, which was a huge hit, of course. We all sang till we were blue in the face and the seconds ticked down to 2007. Really, you haven't lived until you're stuffed full of raclette and champagne, trying to sing Broadway tunes and count down the year at the top of your lungs, at the same time.

But I digress. At the end of January, Karl will be participating extensively in an open jam hosted by our church in a former music club with a 13th-century basement stage. Then, he's got at least two gigs in February and March with some jazz cats. In addition he's been wrapping his brain around a promising project with a vocalist, which will also result in gigs quite soon. It's a difficult thing to uproot yourself musically (especially from your hometown) and get to know a whole new scene, but he seems to be grafting himself in with the cool, laid-back ease that I appreciate so much in my husband.

The calming effect that he has (on me in particular) will be most welcome when I return to the working world in another week or so. The January session kicks off with a whole battery of oral exams, guaranteed to leave us all exhausted. Then, a whole a new teaching schedule to get in accustomed to, which will (thankfully) be easier, since I'll be teaching about half the amount of time than I did last semester. Which means that I will be trekking a bit more often the faintly-worn path to the library that I beat only few times last semester. And speaking of paths, I'll also be logging training miles in preparation for the April marathon, Lord willing.

Happy New Year, everyone! In 2007, "o, for grace to trust Him more!"

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Joyfulartist said...

I finally got around to reading your blog, which I enjoy very much. I am currently sleepless in Florida due to some meds that have me staring at the ceiling fan. Oh well, now I can catch up with the crazy American kids in Paris. You didn't say when you have to return to your classes so I hope you have another week to unwind and relax if not then it will be as we sang in church yesterday, "Your Grace is enough for me". Blessings on you my fair adventurers.