Thursday, November 09, 2006


Marathon de Paris


tri-mama said...

I want to be a centenarian too! :-) Congrats on taking the first step towards becoming a marathoner- don't worry if you lose track of some of the others along the way-there will be a lot- but you will enjoy it immensely. See you at TCM next year.

Midori said...

Ok, I kept waiting for the explaination of what this meant to load on my screen. Then I figured it out. Does this mean there are 46,325 people registered before you?

abbey said...

No, there's only 35,000 (hah, "only") runners in the race - I guess the numbers are just random.

One more bit of happy news: part of my family will be in Paris at that time, and my dad just got in as # 46787!

Let the training begin!

Anonymous said...

When is it?

abbey said...

April 15th!!!!!!!!

Mel Arroz said...

So someone is running a long way in Paris on the 15th of April 2007 apparently? :-)

I think there was mention of The Poet signing up too, so that is an interesting development!

Trust the weather is warm & balmy on that day!