Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Lord, our Provider

(We'll spare you our cheesy rendition of that Jesus-people kletzmer classic "Jehovah Jireh, my Provider", to those of you who are..ahem...fortunate enough to understand the obscure subcultural reference, but...)

Break out the champagne! *

Oh yes, we've got cause to celebrate. That is, we're clear to grab Abbey's visa in Chicago and head off to France. Even more than that, we are astonished and delighted at the Lord's clear provision in every area of our lives. We've had cell phones up and running down to our last day in the US. We have had a lovely place to stay over the past month. And plenty of food for mind, soul, and body in the wilderness. This is because you have all been praying so diligently on our behalf and we'd like to thank you.

We feel acutely that this is not the end of our struggles, but perhaps the beginning. That is, we anticipate Paris to be an intensely beautiful place to live, but also immensely challenging in terms of our spiritual lives. Please continue to ask the Lord to provide for us in the ways that only He can.

Much love until we write again.

(From Paris.)

* Thank you, Nikki and Jordan!

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